Time Travel Racing is a futuristic, sci-fi, historic, multiplayer, time travel racing game, where the future of racing transports the player though time.


The year is 2030. After decades of research with the world’s greatest minds in quantum physics, scientists finally discover time travel. The Federation of Time Travel Regulation is formed (FTTR).

Car racing has evolved into Time Travel Racing. Travel through humanity’s greatest moments in history, drift through treacherous tracks and discover grand historical monuments and personalities of each era.

Discover historical periods dating from Prehistoric to current day, each with their own dynamic environments that challenge the racers’ driving skills.

Each race can consist of a multitude of historical periods. The first racer who crosses the lap first starts the time portal device, teleporting into a new time and a new track, with new challenges.

Game Features

Each car can be upgraded and customized to boost performance, allowing for a unique playstyle for each player. 

The tracks are based on real-world environments and weather conditions, these dynamic environment changes allow for unique experiences such as drifting on the slippery track of the Ice Age to burning through the sands of Ancient Egypt, this can all be experienced in one race.

Each racing track will have their own racing styles, power-up setups, environmental triggers, and stunt elements.

Players will be able to experience glimpses of history happening around them as they race. As the player reaches the podium in races, performs stunts and uses power-ups in certain ways, they will gain Timepoints.

These points help the player progress through the career, purchase more cars and car parts.

Vehicle for reference purposes

Time Travel Racing is the first of its kind, utilizing racing, time travel and history in one.

Dynamic gameplay features as players will have to adapt to different challenging terrains and environmental changes.

Time Travel Racing will feature environmental triggers mid race that activate historical scenes to play out in the background.

Historical Time Periods