Introducing Gamearound. The World’s First Truly Decentralized Gaming Blockchain

Our vision

The Gamearound Blockchain is the world’s first truly decentralized gaming ecosystem. Unlike anything that has come before it, the Gamearound Blockchain will implement, not only the traditional blockchain features, like cryptocurrency, tokens and NFTs but also the storage, database and processing capabilities that are necessary for an online gaming experience to be truly decentralized.

The Gamearound Network will implement these four key capabilities (storage, database, processing and blockchain features) with blockchain gaming in mind, meaning the design of the network is optimized for blockchain gaming on a mass scale. The sheer scale of what we are building will necessitate a purpose-built Layer 1 blockchain, developed for blockchain gaming from the ground up, however, we plan to leverage Layer 2 scaling solutions in the initial stages of the project.

Why we need it

We believe a truly decentralized gaming blockchain will usher in a new generation of gaming in which all contributors, including the players themselves, will be fairly rewarded for the value they add to the overall gaming experience. For too long the gaming industry has been full of monetisation practices that are not player-centric and intermediaries who take a disproportionate share from the players and the developers themselves.

Players often create content for games such as weapon skins, characters, levels, mods etc. and are not fairly rewarded for this contribution. Other times players will amass a large amount of an in-game currency, or a collection of “valuable” in-game items, but never be able to cash out this “value” as trading is not licensed, any 3rd party sites often result in players being banned.

How we will do it

The two major products of the Gamearound Blockchain initially will be the $GAD Token and the Gamearound Node application. The GA Nodes will host all the infrastructure needed for a decentralised gaming experience, and the GA Token will facilitate contributors to the ecosystem having a fair financial stake in it.

The $GAD Token is used to buy and sell all games and content within the Gamearound Blockchain, as well as pay-out GA Node owners and facilitate any other financial transactions on the platform. It will be easily obtainable, with fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies, and equally as easy to swap back into fiat/other cryptocurrencies, guaranteeing that those who contribute to the ecosystem can be rewarded for the value they create.

Gamearound will allow anyone to download and run a GA Open Node for free. While GA Open Nodes will not validate transactions, they will store and process game data, and in exchange receive a small amount of $GAD to incentivize staying up and running. As the Gamearound Network will work on Proof of Stake, meaning any GA Node can upgrade to become a Staked node and contribute to the network consensus, receiving additional $GAD for their contribution.

The Genesis project

Finally, we want to reward early adopters and supporters of the Gamearound Blockchain in a unique and long-lasting way, and the way we have chosen to do this is via project Genesis. By minting one of the 4350 Genesis NFTs that will be for sale over the next few months, one can gain access to the Genesis Guild, an exclusive club with extensive privileges in the blockchain, as well as a financial stake in the ecosystem. For more information read the Genesis Whitepaper (check the landing page).

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