The Genesis NFT collection is 4500 virtual membership cards that give access to the Genesis Guild, an exclusive club with special privileges in the Gamearound ecosystem, including a share of the Genesis Fund.

By buying one of the Genesis NFT’s, early adopters of the protocol can gain a financial stake in the ecosystem, as well as many other privileges, which will develop as the ecosystem evolves.

The Gamearound Blockchain is the first truly decentralised gaming ecosystem. Forging the future of online gaming, focused on Play-to-earn competitive experiences.

Read the Gamearound Blockchain Whitepaper to learn more.



The world’s first truly decentralized gaming ecosystem.


1st Edition Supply


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Gamearound ecosystem is a decentralized and distributed NFT gaming ecosystem, focused on play-to-earn competitive game experiences, that will be the infrastructure for the next generation of decentralized games. You can read more about the Gamearound Ecosystem initiative by reading our white paper.

Genesis NFT is a collection of membership cards to the limited Genesis Guild supporting the creation of the Gamearound Ecosystem.

An extra benefit for the owners of the first three editions of the Genesis NFT is to be part of the Mint Fund. The NFT smart contract will hold a percentage (see the table) of the mint funds received and distribute these funds among the owners of Editions 1, 2 and 3. The shares per NFT will be reduced for each edition, so edition 1 owners will get a better share than edition 2 owners, and edition 2 owners will get better shares than edition 3 owners. Other editions will not be part of the Mint Fund.
The GA Node is the building block of the Gamearound Ecosystem. It is an application that runs on a typical game computer connected to a stable internet connection, using Windows, Mac or Linux. The GA Nodes find and connect to each other, forming a p2p (peer to peer) network of decentralized nodes and supporting each other in maintaining the games infrastructure. All the nodes are equal and run the same application, capable of providing storage, processing, database and blockchain services for the games deployed on the Gamearound Ecosystem.

The group of early adopters committed to support the Gamearound Ecosystem in a number of ways. Early adopters will be able to enroll to a Genesis Guild, by buying one or more Genesis NFTs. The Genesis NFT grants special rights to the guild members. These rights will grow in time, as the community and the project evolves.

The Genesis Fund is a smart contract fund that will receive a share of the Gamearound Ecosystem Marketplace sales. So all the Genesis Guild members will be part of the marketplace revenues, and receive an even distribution of this fund. The fund will be accumulated at the Genesis NFT smart contract, and this fund will be held until the distribution happens.