Our Mission

Gamearound will create inventive and addictive true multiplayer titles for mobile first, casual, Free-to-play titles with exceptional graphics.
Gameplay is everything. 5G networks deliver photo-realistic graphics to the device with near-zero latency. With our Core Loop to incentivise engagement and retention along with incredible benchmark graphics, we can deliver truly immersive gameplay.
Access to the global $120BN games market via our partners Apple, Google and Facebook, we make ethical, inclusive gaming for all ages, genders, races and people designed to be strong, story driven titles for game video networks and competitive esports.

Pure Golf Game 

Pure Golf, from new UK game studio Gamearound, is the first casual, free to play, massively multiplayer championship sports golf game for mobile, based on pure golf physics, mechanics, courses and PGA rules. A brand new graphics pipeline from Unity enables Pure Golf to deliver the most graphically realistic golf gameplay available in the mobile market. Players can play or pay to upgrade their experience across multiple game modes: 1v1 Tours, 18 Hole Daily Multiplayer Championship, Competition Events and Practice Mode. Pure Golf has a wide range of consumables including Golf Clubs, Balls and Skill Cards to buy and upgrade. Courses are based on real-world and invented courses, with new courses released each month, offering game evolution for players. Pure Golf has its own in-game core loop progression system, including handicap levels inspired by PGA rules. Pure Golf fills the gap in realistic, portrait mode, quick-to-play / hard-to-master golf. New courses in exciting locations each month and seasonal events ensure game continuum for engaged users.

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