A cross-platform, free-to-play, multiplayer real-time strategy game where the future of the world's cities is at stake.


The Pandemic has swept through cities across the world, decimating populations. The City of London, United Kingdom, has suffered extraordinary losses. The Metropolitan Police Force has collapsed and failed.

The UK Government is desperately trying to regain control, leading from a secure,
remote command centre. Gangs of criminals are taking over the city and London’s Underground network.

Civilians are hiding in buildings throughout the city, threatened with a criminal,
dystopic apocalypse. The UK SAS Rapid Reaction Force has been deployed. London’s CCTV and drone network is accessible from the Command Centre.

The Gangland & The Defence

As a Squad Commander, deploy your resources effectively using aerial drone
surveillance, and CCTV to overcome the criminal gangs and liberate the
civilians from being kidnapped and forced to join the criminal underworld.

Or as Gang Leader, reporting to the Crime Boss, bribe your henchmen to
capture and control buildings, trade resources and recruit civilians to the
criminal organization.

Hack access to London’s entire surveillance network to take over buildings,
Underground Stations, kidnap and recruit civilians and capture turf from
other gangs to dominate and control the city.

Gadgets & Tech

Gamearound is turning immersive gaming on its head for 5G, with engaging HD
cinematic film sequences, game characterisation and scene setting coupled
with multiplayer story execution, in a free-to-play, multiplayer game.

As Commander, using aerial drone surveillance and CCTV, command squads
of soldiers to overcome the criminal gangs, capture buildings and liberate the
civilians from being kidnapped and forced to join the criminal underworld.

A Soldier and Gangster multi-factor AI Psycology Model which defines
the characters’ morale as confidence and bravery, dictates how a player’s
characters perform in the line of duty.