Broken Civilization

Cross-platform, Play-2-Earn, Multiplayer, Real-time Strategy

Coming Soon


The Pandemic has swept through cities across the world, decimating populations. The City of London, has suffered extraordinary losses. The Metropolitan Police Force has collapsed and failed. Gangs of criminals are taking over the city.

Civilians are hiding in landmark buildings, threatened with a criminal, dystopic apocalypse. The UK SAS Rapid Reaction Force has been deployed. London's CCTV and aerial drone surveillance network is accessible from the Command Centre from where players direct their characters to capture buildings and gain control of the City of London. 

Using aerial drone surveillance and CCTV, overcome the criminal gangs and liberate the civilians from being kidnapped and forced to join the criminal underworld. 

In the Broken Civilization multiplayer mode, we utilize NFTs and Web3 technology to give the ability for players to own their squad, customize their gear, and register their conquered blocks. Players will be able to make deals with other players to sell or rent the rights of the territories the player has claimed on the battlegrounds.

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