Broken Civilisation

Indie game studio Gamearound acquires immersive, post-pandemic multiplayer RTS game.

London, June 2020- Londonbased indie game studio Gamearound has acquired all rights to the post pandemic, apocalyptic real-time strategy game Broken Civilization due for release in Winter 2020, from Torres Labs, with the Torres development team joining Gamearound 

Inspired by the global pandemic of 2020, Broken Civilization, will be an immersive, multiplayer, real-time strategy game whereby teams use aerial drone surveillance and CCTV to plan, deploy and communicate with commandos or criminals waging war in the city of London for control of buildings following the failure and collapse of the Metropolitan Police.  

Gamearound has acquired all rights to the indie title from Spanish studio Torres Labs in an undisclosed deal. The development team headed by Claudio Torres, will now join Gamearound permanently with Claudio taking a role as Chief Engineer to propel the game to release in winter 2020. Development for the first title in the franchise, Broken Civilization: London 2020, continues from Gamearound’s Barcelona-based development centre, to bring the iconic buildings of London, including the Houses of Parliament, The Shard, St Paul’s Cathedral and London City Airport to life in 3D with a cross-platform release slated to begin on PC during winter 2020. 

Broken Civilization aims to deliver a cross-platform experience real-time strategy game with exceptional graphics. The game offers an immersive CCTV feed POV for the players, as if controlling action from a command centre, adding a new perspective for the RTS genre – a departure from the traditional ‘top-down’ point of view. 

Gamearound creates innovative and addictive true multiplayer games for mobile first, casual, free-to-play titles, using 5G networks to deliver photorealistic graphics to the device with near-zero latency.  

Claudio Torres, Gamearound Chief Engineer comments, “We are entering a new era of streaming and 5G gaming, pioneering mid-core, engaging players with fresh content and story-lines driving higher session times and an overall better experience thanks to console-like graphics delivered real-time from the cloud. Broken Civilization is breaking ground”. 

Gideon Clifton, CEO of Gamearound adds, We are bringing a new type of inclusive, story-led gaming to all platforms. Typically, immersive, hard core titles have had high costs and complex controller commands. We are accepting new mid-core audiences hungry for photorealistic, interactive gameplay which can be quick to play. This will bring new audiences to this burgeoning gaming category.’’ 

Broken Civilization will be initially available on PC and later ported across platform to mobile and consoles.