boohooMAN x Gamearound STREETSKATER

Skate the streets of California

boohooMAN found the perfect collaboration to launch their second ever branded in-app game.

Time for a partnership

In order to take it to another level, boohooMAN decided to launch their first 3D animated game. On 15th September, in line with the launch of their new skate collection, boohooMAN have released their new game Streetskater, in collaboration with Boo Johnson.

The team at Gamearound had a challenging but fun mission – to create an entertaining, engaging and visually appealing game.

Challenge accepted.

“We dipped our toe into gaming in lockdown with the boohooMAN x Quavo rooftop runner as a way to keep our audience entertained and everyone loved playing it. This time we’ve gone into gaming in a bigger way, bringing our first 3D game to the boohooMAN app. The game has some great features and tricks. My favourite feature though is you can change the look and outfit of your avatar – all wearing boohooMAN of course!”

Victoria Pearson E-Commerce Manager, boohooMAN

Living the Skater life

Inspired by the most recent skate campaign shoot the game is set against the sun bleached, palm lined streets of LA. Players can perform tricks and dodge cars and obstacles as they skate through various levels.

To spice up the things, the avatar character is clothed in a choice from the Skate range of sweaters, T-shirts and track suits. Players can select their preferred skateboard and hit the street, gathering coins, magnets and power-ups whilst performing tricks and jumping or ducking obstacles for maximum points on the game leader board. They can also compete against their friends by sharing their high score.

“Creating such an experience in a lightweight download package and incorporating  boohooMAN  products placed within gameplay is breaking ground and the deployment model offers technical challenges as we embed the game, but we don’t touch, the native app. All round, it’s a result”

Claudio Torres, Gamearound Chief Engineer

Prizes & Rewards

In addition to the fun experience of playing the game, boohooMAN wanted to reward their players with special prizes and rewards in order to promote their new products.

Therefore, we included an option in the game where players can enter their game handle and email address in order to join the prize draw. The only condition: to complete several points thresholds and they will receive promo codes for up to 40% discounts and free shipping vouchers.

This was a great way to reward the players and grab their attention towards the new collection of boohooMAN.
“We are bringing a new type of inclusive, casual gaming to brands who wish to engage their audiences further, and also to reach new audiences. Casual players, hungry for quick to play, gameplay which can be quick to play but hard to master. This will bring new opportunities to this burgeoning casual gaming category.’’

Gideon Clifton, CEO of Gamearound

Skaters Dream

Our game was played by more then 100,000 players since launch, and the maximum score recorded at the time of writing is over 1,000,000 points. Indicating strong adoption and engagement.


Over 100,000 Players
40% opted in to marketing
Average 18 plays per player
11 minutes engagement per player