About us

Our Mission

To democratize gaming by developing an entirely on-chain gaming ecosystem for all stakeholders; gamers, studios, developers, artists, node owners and stakers, to benefit directly based on the value and merit of their input.

Gamearound Blockchain

Gamearound is building a decentralized and distributed on-chain gaming ecosystem, focused on play-to-earn competitive games, that will be the infrastructure for the next generation of decentralized games. Gamearound Node is the building block application that runs on a typical game computer connected to the internet, providing a decentralized network for the games’ infrastructure, including storage, processing, database and blockchain services for the games deployed on-chain.

GAD Token

GAD is the Gamearound Blockchain cryptocurrency that will support the ecosystem economy model. The Gamearound economy model is built on the premise that all the actors involved in the game ecosystem; game developers & studios, node owners and stakers, gamers and e-sport teams will be rewarded. The economy is designed to guarantee the principle of fair reward, through validation by consensus, on a Proof-of-Stake basis.

Gamearound Genesis NFT

The Genesis NFT collection is 4500 virtual membership cards that give access to the Genesis Guild, an exclusive club with special privileges in the Gamearound ecosystem, including a share of the Genesis Fund. By buying one of the Genesis NFT’s, early adopters of the protocol can gain a financial stake in the ecosystem, as well as many other privileges, which will develop as the ecosystem evolves. The Gamearound Blockchain is the first truly decentralised gaming ecosystem. Forging the future of online gaming, focused on Play-to-earn competitive experiences.

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