About us

Who we are

Gamearound was created in 2019, with a simple mission; to decentralise and democratise the gaming industry, we want to develop and publish games that are fun for everyone and fairly reward the players. Lots has changed since then, but our mission remains the same. We work a lot with blockchains as this is the best way for us to achieve our mission, but it's important to us that we remember, we're a gaming company first; blockchain comes second. We are based in London however we have a Lisbon office and presences in Ontario and Los Angeles, and lots of international expansions in the works...

What we do

We are publishers primarily, our main goals involve publishing high level, blockchain native games that allow players to earn sustainably and have fun doing it. The Gamearound Blockchain is a gaming platform open to all, where everyone that contributes gets rewarded; read our whitepaper to learn more.


Gamearound is a blockchain gaming development studio, primarily based in London and Lisbon, but with presences all over the world.
The Gamearound Blockchain is one of our ongoing projects, our goal is to build the world’s first truly decentralised, gaming optimised Layer 1 blockchain. Read our whitepaper to learn more.
We currently have over 10 games in active development, as well as the Gamearound Blockchain.
The Genesis Guild consists of the 4500 holders of the Genesis NFT’s, they will receive constant rewards both in Gamearound games, and the Gamearound Blockchain, such as airdrops of $GAD, the blockchain’s native currency. Visit the Genesis section of our website to learn more or to mint now.

Gamearound Crew